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Second hand children's clothes grading systemAt Sprog's Togs & Clogs, we buy and sell second hand children's clothing for ages 0 to 3 years. 

Each and every item we sell is checked with a 'fine tooth comb', and we try our best to make sure our customers know the quality of the items they're buying with our quality grading system. Here's how it works...

Each one of our garments is graded according to the following guidelines...

BNWT Kids clothes

BNWT Brand new with tags kids clothes

If the product is marked with BNWT, this means the garment is brand new and still has the original tags on it. In order to preserve the "newness" of the BNWT kid's clothing, we don't wash them. 


BNWOT Brand new without tags kids clothes

BNWOT means that the product is 'known' to be new. It is considered to be brand new without tags and should show no signs of wear.  We don't always wash BNWOT clothing. 

Grade A+ Kid's Clothes

Grade A+ second hand kid's clothes

Grade A+ Kids clothes mean they are pretty much in excellent condition, however at close inspection, you can probably see light signs of wear and / or discoloration. We'd like to say "like new", however the condition might not be 'perfect'.

Grade A Kid's Clothes

Grade A second hand kid's clothes

Grade A Clothes are not quite good enough for "best". They will show some sort of wear, however not anything that's too obvious. If you were to look closely you would notice it's not new, but still in good condition. 

Grade B Clothes

Grade B second hand kid's clothes

Grade B kid's clothing means that the garment is still wearable, but has noticeable defects. This could also be a number of things, or a combination of a number of things, such as...

  • Discolouration from washing garments with the darker products
  • Fading from washing or being worn
  • Slight defects including small holes or excessive loose stitching

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